For Rose

November 17, 2006

I would like to commend my friend Rose for her patient persistence. After 32 years of marriage, her husband was finally saved! I think it was the happiest day of her life, and it encourages me not to give up on my family!


Fred P & Paul T

November 6, 2006

I want to thank my friends Fred T. and Paul P. for the times they visited me in the hospital with a nervous breakdown. I didn’t have family nearby and they checked on me most every day. Paul P. rode the subway with a chocolate shake (sealed) in his coat pocket because I told him the food in the hospital was terrible. Fred T. came to visit me every evening after he got off of work.I treasure them so, and I don’t know if I’ve properly thanked them for this. If not, I figure now’s the time, right?

From Janey

November 5, 2006

I would like to commend both of my sons, Travis and Tony. They have unselfishly taken care of me ever since we moved to the Central Coast of California from Wyoming. We had a rollover accident on the way and as a result, I had to have back surgery. They give a large portion of their incomes to pay for utilities and food and when I need a new pair of jeans! They gave me a horse for my birthday and always make me feel loved and cared for. There aren’t any words that can describe my love for them…

…That is why I am working none stop to make our home business a success, so that I can take care of them again!

For Fred

November 5, 2006

I’d like to add my wonderful hubby, Fred, to your blog. He’s always been a kind and thoughtful person, but he’s outdone himself this year.

I’ve been pretty sick most of this year with a bad bout of colitis, and he took care of me and the house as if he were a pro. Now I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and there’s just no way to express the tenderness of his loving care for me.

We’ve been deeply in love with each other for 46 years now, and married for 42, and I look forward to many more with this gloriously unselfish man. I love you with all my heart, Fred.

Dirty Butter

“H” from the UK

November 5, 2006

I like the idea of your blog and would like to put my wife forward for some well deserved praise. Not only does she look after myself and the kids she works full time too. She always puts others before herself, she`ll help anyone out with anything, running errands, getting their shopping, even mowing a neighbours lawn when they were to ill to do so themselves. She has time for everyone, old and young alike, how she fits it all in her day I will never know but she does.

Thankyou H from all of us

Our first one

November 4, 2006

I’ll step up to the plate in honor of Pip Wilson and the humarian efforts he does for the common good of all. His blog is located

Please take a look around his blog and you’ll find many treasures of his exerted efforts toward mankind.

Thanks loads!

One Ripe Tomato

Commend a friend

November 3, 2006

This is a little experiment between myself and a friend. He believes we live in an increasingly selfish society where no one has the time for anyone else, where good deeds are rare, where praise is looked down upon. Myself I believe that we are not that far down that road, people do still care, that many a good deed happens without our knowledge at the time and that people are just a bit afraid/embarrased to offer praise.

So we offer up this blog as a place to commend a friend, to praise someone for a good deed that for some reason you couldnt praise in person.  Prove me right and my friend wrong!

All you have to do is click post comment, and then add your friends christian name or nickname and a short reason why you wish to commend them, the post will be held for moderation before its posted on the blog, you can leave a note at the bottom if you wish your post to be anonymous and we`ll remove your details.